Weighing Your Options? Why You Should Choose A Truss Roof For New Home

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Now that you're in the initial stages of building your new home, take the opportunity to choose the right roof. Right now, you have the option to choose between a standard, built-on-site roof, and a roof truss. You might think that a standard, built-on-site roof is the way to go, but that's not the case. There are a lot of benefits to be had from opting for a truss roof for your new home. Before you choose a standard roof for the construction of your new home, take a look at the benefits you'll enjoy when you choose a truss roof instead. 

Designed to Custom Specifications

When standard roofs are built on-site, there's often a problem with fit. Some of these problems are directly related to human error. For instance, measurements might not be taken properly, or mistakes can be made while the wood is being cut. Unfortunately, mistakes can cause serious problems for your new home. You won't have that problem when you invest in a truss roof. That's because trusses are manufactured off-site, using exact measurements and specifications for your new home. 

Less Risk for Onsite Materials Theft

If you're building your own home, you need to be worried about material theft. If your construction site isn't secure, you're at risk of having your valuable construction materials stolen. If you're building your roof onsite, you run the risk that your lumber will be stolen during the process. Unfortunately, it can be quite costly to replace materials that are lost due to theft. Because truss roofs are built offsite, you won't need to worry about theft. As soon as your trusses are delivered, they can be installed directly onto your home. 

Faster Access to Construction Funds

When you're building your own home, you need to know that you can get access to your construction funds as quickly as possible. This is especially important if you've taken out a construction loan. You might not realize this, but construction loans are disbursed in controlled increments throughout the construction process. As soon as one portion of the process is completed, the bank will disburse additional funds. This includes the shell of the house, which the roof is part of. When you choose a truss roof for your home, the construction process for the shell can be completed quicker, which means you'll have quicker access to additional funds. 

Don't sell yourself short on the construction of your new home. Talk to contractors from companies such as Campbell Truss Company Inc about the benefits of choosing a truss roof for your new home.