Where To Focus Your Assets During A Bathroom Remodel

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When you remodel a bathroom, you need to be careful about how the changes will impact the value of your home. If you ever intend to sell your house one day, you should avoid some mistakes and trends that may not add to the value of your sale. When you are on a budget, you have to think about where your money is best spent. Here are some things to avoid as you remodel a bathroom in your home:

Inexpensive Counters

If you are on a budget, you need to think carefully about the type of counter tops you install in a bathroom. The bathroom counter has to be durable to sustain the amount of daily wear and tear. They also have to stand up to increased moisture. You need quality material for the counters if you intend to sell the house. Granite or quartz are ideal options that meet this standard. You should avoid any sort of tile or laminate. The tile can easily crack if you drop something heavy on it, which means you have to replace the entire section to make the repair. Laminate does not stand up to moist environments and can be easily damaged if you place a hot hair appliance on it.

Laminate Floors

When you choose flooring, steer clear of laminate options. Laminate is bad for floors for the same reason it is bad for counters. With the amount of water that ends up on a bathroom floor, the laminate flooring will quickly become warped and damaged. Over time, the laminate can buckle and fall apart. You need to consider a water-resistant flooring such as tile. Ceramic or slate are nice options and are budget friendly. If you want a wood floor look, consider a stone tile made to appear as hardwood.

Bright Paint

You also need to be careful of the paint color you choose. While the paint is easy and inexpensive to change, you should consider how willing you are to repaint the walls before you put the house on the market. You may like bright red walls in a bathroom, but it may not be attractive to a lot of home buyers. For the best results, choose a more neutral tone, such as tan or gray. This way, your bathroom will appear relaxing and calm rather than bright and loud.

Bathroom remodeling has many important considerations. Be thoughtful in what you are willing to invest in for an ideal bathroom remodel. If you are on a budget, think of some less expensive options for other areas of the remodel so you can be comfortable in spending money on the most important parts that impact sale.