Types Of Hardware On A Glass Entry Door & Why Hardware Has To Be Replaced

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Your glass entry doors are one of the first things a customer will experience when they walk into your commercial business, so the more functional and aesthetically appealing they are, the better the impression will be. As the owner of a commercial business, one of the best things you can do is get to know a bit about the commercial glass doors you have, right down to the hardware that is on them that makes them function the way they do. Here is a look at some of the types of hardware you can typically find on commercial glass entry doors and why these pieces sometimes have to be replaced. 

Door Closing Devices 

Door closing devices are actually required on doors that are fire-rated because closed doors can prevent the spread of fire in a building. These devices are responsible for closing a door smoothly once it has been opened. If the door closing device fails on your entry door, which happens quite often, your door may get jammed open or closed. The angled arm of the closing device makes it more prone to damage, so these units often have to be replaced because the arm is bent or misshapen. 

Threshold Seals 

Threshold seals go across the base of the door at the threshold, or in the place where the door frame meets the edge of the building. These seals eliminate trip hazards and generally make the door look nice and finished, but they also prevent dirt from falling into the existing gap to and ensure the door comes to a smooth close at the base. Threshold seals get a lot of wear and tear because of their position on the ground, so this is the number one reason they have to be replaced. 

Push or Pull Plates 

Push/pull plates get attached to glass commercial doors that are manually opened and closed. These handle plates do not tend to sustain a lot of damage, but the hardware that holds them in place can work its way loose from the glass door, which can cause stress to the glass. Push/pull plates usually only have to be replaced if a part of the hardware breaks or falls apart, but some commercial business owners have issues with the handles wearing down or bending with low-quality models. 

If you take a close look, there are a lot of hardware pieces that get attached to glass commercial doors. Reach out to a commercial glass repair service company for more information.