Four Advantages Of Recycled Concrete Aggregate

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Recycled concrete aggregate, as its name would indicate, is a specific and alternative type of concrete construction material that is made out of recycled concrete from previous installations that is crushed into an aggregate and reinforced with wet cement. This distinctive method of fabrication coupled with unique material content means that recycled concrete aggregate provides a few distinctive benefits as a paving material. Understanding what recycled concrete aggregate has to offer can help you figure out if it is the right material for your paving project.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Of course, the largest advantage of choosing to use recycled concrete aggregate as a paving material is the fact that it is less environmentally impactful than creating and installing fresh concrete from scratch. This helps to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste produced (since old concrete structures simply turn to rubble) – keeping your project relatively green. Of course, recycled concrete aggregate won't break down – which means that if your project ever has to be torn out or replaced, the materials that you used can be used again, reducing the environmental impact of the project a second time.


Though not an advantage over fresh concrete, recycled concrete aggregate is still highly durable and able to withstand a great deal of physical trauma and environmental exposure without becoming damaged. This means that you are able to enjoy the other benefits associated with recycled concrete aggregate without sacrificing the durability and quality that is associated with concrete paved surfaces in the first place. This durability means that you can easily use recycled concrete aggregate for a variety of different applications that you would use normal concrete for, including landscaping, paving, edging, foundation support, and so on.

Reduced Cost

Furthermore, another key upside of choosing to use recycled concrete aggregate is the fact that it costs less than using completely fresh concrete, since it is simply recycled from demolition and other construction projects. This means that recycled concrete aggregate is widely available, which means that you can compare different suppliers to easily and quickly determine the best deal. This can help keep your construction project within budget without sacrificing quality or altering your plans and timelines. Further, some contractors offer to make recycled concrete aggregate on-site if you are ripping out old concrete surfaces, which can help speed up your project's timelines and save you even more money in terms of reduced transportation costs.

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