Setting Up An Old Hollywood Glamour Bedroom

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Old glamour has a sensual feeling and look. If you are making a personal bedroom for just yourself, you will be able to fill the room with all of the old glamour and glitz that you wish. Old Hollywood style requires small touches that catch the eye and an overall formal, luxurious feel. If you are setting up a bedroom and buying all the materials from scratch, here is a list of things you will need to create this kind of ambiance.

Get glitter paint

If your walls are currently builders beige, you should add an accent wall that will help your room stand out. Glitter paint is a new product that will produce a stand out feel like none other on your walls. Go to the paint store and test out glitter paints. Some will have a shimmer while others will have a bright sparkle after a few coats. Depending on the main color that you have selected for your theme, you should select a glitter paint or have one mixed in the exact color. Paint the wall with the smallest length and width with the glitter paint so that it provides a pretty backdrop without overpowering the room. 

Select glamourous art inside of old gold frames

Artwork, either from the old Hollywood period or that depict old Hollywood are good buys. These can be photographs of your favorite actors from decades on by or abstract photographs of fur coats and long cigarettes. Set these pictures inside of old gold photo frames that appear to be from many years ago. Place these on the wall in order to attract the eye and set the overall scene. Choose old gold accessories to match the frames including lamps and vases in order to pull the room together. 

Choose a sensual velvet rug

A large rug in the center of the room will pull together any accent pieces that you desire. A deep color such as a royal purple or a navy blue is one of the best shades to go with an old glamour look. If you prefer to stick with neutrals, you can select a deep grey that looks like a shiny silver under soft lighting. A velvet rug appeals to the eyes as well as the sense of touch. When you take off your shoes to enter your room and relax, the rug will feel soft and plush under your feet.