Ways To Use Landscaping Rocks In Your Yard

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Rocks are attractive landscaping elements. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, so they add nice visual appeal. Plus, they're natural and may be more appealing to you than shredded rubber or dyed bark. Rocks also last for a long time because they don't decay like wood does. Here are some of the ways you can use landscaping rocks.

Mulch For Plants And Flowers

You may think if shredded wood, leaves, or straw as forms of mulch, but rocks make good mulch too. The purpose of mulch is to keep dampness in the soil and hold down weeds. Rocks are ideal for these purposes and they look attractive while doing so. You could spread smooth river rocks or even small bright, white gravel around the base of plants and in your flowerbeds to keep weeds out and add an element of color and visual contrast.

Surface For Pathways

Landscaping rocks make it easy to create walkways around your yard. All you have to do is clear the grass and weeds and then put down landscaping fabric. Finally, you can spread the rocks on top of the walkway to define it as a path. Smooth rocks work best because they can be walked on with bare feet and they don't move around as much. Jagged rocks, such as gravel, can shift and cause you to twist an ankle, so choosing smooth rocks for walkways is best. You could even buy large, flat rocks and use them as stepping stones along a path that is filled in with other rocks. This makes your path easy to walk on and gives it an interesting appearance.

Focal Points For Visual Interest

When you think of landscaping rocks, you may imagine small pebbles and stones, but you can also buy large boulder-type rocks. These can be used for many purposes in your yard. You can create a focal point with a large rock and arrange plants and seating around it. Large rocks can be used to define borders, make seats, and to design elements such as a fire pit or waterfall. Some large landscaping rocks are so attractive, they work as a standalone point of visual interest in your yard.

Material For Protective Borders

Rocks are also ideal forms of protection since they keep down weeds and the rocks are fireproof. You can line the seating area around a fire pit with gravel or rocks to reduce the risk of spreading a fire. Gravel or other small rocks work well as borders to keep weeds away from your air conditioner condenser or pool pump. The rocks act as protection and they look nice at the same time.

If you're interested in adding rocks to your landscaping design, then you should visit a landscaping center that sells a wide variety of rocks so you have the most options to choose from. While river rocks and gravel are common, you can choose from many kinds of rocks such as stone blocks, polished black pebbles, multi-colored exotic rocks, lava rock, and fire glass so you can let your artistic side shine through.