Out With The Tub, In With The Shower

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So, you have decided to get rid of an old bath tub and make way for a better shower system. That will certainly free up some space in your bathroom, and it probably is going to save you from a lot of maintenance. A few key things need to happen before you can unveil your bathroom remodel.

Check on Your Septic Tank

If your home is aided by a septic tank, just check with your septic tank repair specialist to make sure your tank is in good shape. Showers have the potential to use a lot more water, so you wouldn't want to add one when your septic tank is compromised or overtaxed as is.

Shutting Off the Water Supply

Your bath tub is in contact with the water supply, so before you remove it, you will need to stop the flow of water to that fixture. Have a plumbing specialist help you with this.

Remove the Bathtub

After making sure valves that provide water to the tub are shut off, you can remove the bathtub. You will probably need to hire a hauling service to move and remove the tub unless you have a truck of your own.

Evaluate Pipes

Before you simply reroute existing plumbing pipes to the shower, have a plumbing specialist look at their condition. In older homes, it's often a good idea to replace parts of the plumbing wiring. It needs to be done every decade or so, and this is a great time to do it, when you already have easy access to the wiring.

Repair Flooring

It's likely that you'll see some damage to the floor around where the bath tub once sat. Some people choose to pull up the flooring completely and get something more modern. Others simply pull up the flooring around the bathtub and replace it; note that there may be some change of color between the old tiles and the new.

Install the Shower Enclosure

Hopefully, if you are thinking about building a new shower, you have chosen an open shower enclosure. Open glass shower enclosures have a few benefits. They're easier to clean, they are more convenient than fully enclosed shower enclosures, and they require less materials when they are calculated correctly. Glass shower enclosures can be installed by specialists who will help you choose your glass and design the size and shape of the ideal shower configuration in your bathroom.

Choosing a Shower Head

Don't forget to leave some room in your budget for a great shower head, because all are not made the same. Try ones you like and test for water pressure, pattern, and even color. Keep in touch with your glass installation team so that you can be sure your shower head will fit with the shower design.