How Do You Safeguard Against Home Fires?

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In many cases, home fires could be prevented with the right maintenance steps. Are you following all of these tips for avoiding home fires?

Avoid Overheating Flammables

Keeping flammables away from heat sources makes sense, but it takes a little bit of planning to pull off. You could have a specific, fireproof cabinet to store household cleaners and other flammable items. If you have portable heat sources, be mindful of how you position them in relation to flammable fabrics, chemicals, or even electrical equipment. And the same safety rules apply to HVAC vents, which are a source of heat many homeowners neglect to look out for; the edge of a poorly made tablecloth that's in the direct line of a heating vent is a small hazard, but those little risks can add up.

Choose a Fireplace Setup Carefully

If you have a fireplace or are planning to get one, don't forget to budget for keeping it safe. A sturdy grille will be needed to prevent embers from escaping. Regular chimney sweepings are also important, no matter how tedious, and they can easily be outsourced. Get advice when choosing fireplaces that are designed to be well-ventilated and sturdy enough to hold logs in place.

Look Out for Electrical Hazards

Electrical fires are an underrated source of house fires. Be mindful of the operating standards of appliances and don't overuse them. Get your electrician to periodically swap out bad wires; your wires are bound to deteriorate from daily use, water damage, pest infiltration, and other routine sources of hazard.

Keep Kids from Meddling

Children have a role to play in avoiding fire hazards. Teaching them about safety in regards to kitchen equipment, electronics, and heating sources is key to their own health and to the safety of the whole household.

Have the Right Fire Safety Equipment

What fire safety equipment do you currently have? A smoke detector is nice, but you might want to at least have a fire extinguisher on hand, too. You could check with a fire suppression specialist about installing sprinklers. If the whole house would be too expensive to protect, you might get sprinklers just in the kitchen and other heavily used areas.

It's likely that you don't yet have all of these factors under control. Doing so will make everyone in your family a little bit safer, which is always something important to invest in. Get help from a fire suppression specialist if you have questions about which areas to put first in your fire safety planning.