Correctly Installing And Maintaining A Home Water Feature

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Home water features, such as pools, hot tubs, and ponds, have many things in common. They are a dream feature for homeowners, and one that many guests will admire. But, at the same time, they are a feature that will require more attention than most; there are risks of electrical malfunction, water contamination and decay, and others. But if you follow these tips, it will help you keep your beautiful water feature under control.

Have an Electrician Install the Feature

For some home items, a do it yourself approach is fine for those who are handy around the house. But with a water feature, always have a professional electrician do the work. There are more variables to consider when you're working with an installation of wiring that could be exposed to water. You have to make sure you're using the right equipment, that all of the parts are encased to avoid water exposure, and that the whole system won't short and cause a shock or fire if there is water damage. While you're at it, maybe it's time for your electrician to reevaluate your home's internal electrical needs; the whole circuit works together. 

Have a Schedule for Maintaining Water Levels

Even if your water feature recycles its own water, the water level will go down over time due to evaporation. So plan to keep the water level consistent by doing a routine refill. Also watch for the scum that can form at the sides of the water's container, due to varying water levels. That scum affects the longevity of the water feature, so get advice on how to clean it. Pool liner replacement is great for larger bodies of water, but for a smaller fountain, you might have to scrub it by hand.

Maintain the Debris Level

In any water feature that's installed outdoors, debris can become a big issue. If leaves get sucked into a jet, they can clog the system. They will cause a strain on the motor, which could become a safety hazard if the appliance is struggling. Electrical and fire risks ensue, and your water feature might just give out.

Think about ways to maintain the water feature, depending on what it is. For pools, an electronic pool skimmer and regular attention are needed. Your landscaping also matters, because a neat yard will not provide a lot of debris that gets blown into a pool, pond, or fountain. For more information, contact companies like C & R Electric, Inc.