Balloon Framed House And Want To Add Windows? Tips To Get You Started

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If you have a balloon framed home and want to add windows, you have to do things a little differently when compared to a home that has a traditional frame. Below is some more information about this, as well as the types of windows you can use to help you get started.

Making the Opening

Because you have a balloon framed house, you will need whalers, which are temporary support headers if you are placing the windows in a load bearing wall that has more than one stud. For example, if you are putting new windows on the bottom floor of your home, you would need to anchor the whaler to the wall studs that are above the opening. The whaler should extend approximately 25 inches on each side of the opening.

How difficult it will be to install windows depends on many factors. For example, it will be more difficult if you had any changes made to your home in the past, such as alterations or additions. It will also be more difficult if the windows you are installing are very large. The contractor will know where to place the windows and the type of temporary support they need.

Choosing the Windows

You can choose any type of window that you want for your home. Some different types of windows you may like include:

Talk with a windows contractor, like one from Bob's Construction Inc, to learn much more about these windows. They can help you choose what would be best for your home.