Have An Old Gate That Opens Automatically At Your Business? Changes To Make Fast

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If you have an automatic gate on your commercial property that just opens up when someone drives up to it, and then you can lock it at the end of the night, you are missing out on the opportunity to be more secure. You can be more selective about who can come inside the gates while you're at the office, or when everyone has already left for the day. Find an automatic gate maintenance company, such as Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc, that can make the following changes to your gate's opening and closing system.

ID Badge Reader

You can require that your employees have to scan their employee badges to get the gate to open. This may require that you get new badges that have a bar code, but this allows you to prevent anyone from driving up and getting in, and you'll have an electronic record of when all employees are coming in and out. This is a great security feature to add, because you'll have documentation of when anyone was entering or leaving the property.

Code Requirement

Adding a keypad near the gate is another option for employees. You can have them punch in their code to lift the gate, but you will have to worry that the code may be given out to others. If so, you'll want to change the codes on a regular basis, and it may be difficult to be sure that all employees are going to remember what the code is during that time. The drivers will also have to stop and reach out of their vehicle to enter the code.

Dashboard Scanner

A machine that scans a barcode as a car pulls up is fast and simple. You either get a sticker that goes on the front windshield of the vehicle, or a small device that goes on the dash, and then the gate opens when the barcode is read. This allows employees to get in and out without having to stop, but it may be a problem if the employees want to switch vehicles.

If you are currently using a system where the gate just automatically opens to the drive and parking lot of your commercial property, it's time to make a change. This is a change that is going to protect your property and the staff members that work inside of it, so call a maintenance company to come and install a new opening system for the gate you have right away.