Four Benefits of Buying Pre-Fabricated Trusses from Truss Companies

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There are three ways to get trusses for your home when you are either building a new home from scratch or remodeling your roof. The first is to hire an architect to design custom trusses to shape your roof, after which the trusses are built by a construction contractor. The second is to build standard trusses onsite, which most construction contractors already do. The third and final way is to buy pre-fabricated trusses from truss companies. Here are some benefits of buying pre-fabricated trusses.


First and foremost, pre-fab trusses are convenient. They are easy to get, easy to ship, and easy to install. Pre-fabrication takes the guesswork out of building the trusses from scratch and eliminates the need for an architect. Your contractor just calls up the truss company and orders x number of trusses in a specific style and weight support, and they are delivered right to your property.

Inspection Benefits

A big part of construction and home remodeling is that anything you do has to pass building codes and inspection. Pre-fabricated trusses have already passed inspection because they were designed by structural engineers and made in a plant that cannot sell its products without said products passing inspection. The building inspector may still check out the trusses, but most of the time pre-fab trusses need no inspection because they would pass anyway.

Known Cost 

Pre-fabricated trusses are cost-effective because you know exactly what they will cost. There is no estimate for them based on the current price of this type of lumber or that, no worries about wasted wood you bought that will never be used for anything else, and no concerns about being overcharged for labor. Each truss costs exactly the same, is made of the same type of wood, and is measured, cut, and assembled in exactly the same way so that there are no differences in measurements. Every batch of trusses is delivered on one truck to avoid extra delivery charges.


If something goes wrong with the trusses, you are covered. Your contractor is covered too because he or she did not build them. Instead, you both can contact the truss company to discuss any issues, and since most truss companies cover their work with a warranty or guarantee, you may be able to get the trusses replaced free of charge.

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