Installing A Fence Around The Perimeter Of Your Property? What Are Your Most Secure And Attractive Gate Options?

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If you've recently undergone an extensive fence construction project, you may still be waffling over the final touch -- the front gate. Without a gate at the end of the driveway, most of your reasons for enclosing the perimeter of your property will be rendered pointless; whether keeping pets secure while allowing them to enjoy the fresh air, preventing trespassers from coming close to your home, or even helping control the flow of wildlife on and off your property. However, the variety of options at your disposal may seem overwhelming, especially if you're concerned about home security. Read on to learn more about some of your most secure and attractive driveway gate options, as well as some of the factors you'll want to consider when selecting a gate for installation.

What options will keep your gate secure?

Although automated security gates that can allow a homeowner to see and speak to guests and buzz them through were once deemed an option only for the ultra-wealthy, technological advances have made these gates within reach for just about every homeowner. For maximum security, you'll want a gate with a coded keypad entry that utilizes a "rolling code." This prevents the code from being hacked by even the most high-powered equipment, as it provides a unique code to the receiver each time it's triggered, making it impossible for hackers to accurately predict the next opening sequence. You may also want a gate with a built-in intercom or video relay system that will allow you to communicate back and forth with visitors, delivery drivers, and others wishing to gain access. 

If you'd like not only to identify visitors, but monitor potential intruders, you'll also want several security cameras trained on the gate and surrounding areas. This can alert you to anyone attempting to bypass the gate security system (or even trying to jump over another part of your fence) and may be able to provide the visual proof needed to convict a burglar or other trespasser.

What else should you consider when selecting a gate?  

Although security measures are important, you'll also want to select a gate that goes well with your choice of fencing materials and is durable enough to stand up to the elements in your area. This can mean avoiding cast-iron fences in the Southwest, as the amount of sunlight absorbed (and heat generated) by these metal fences can damage any electronic components attached to the fence. You may also want to avoid aluminum gates if you live in an area that receives heavy snow during the winter, as the salt or potassium chloride pellets used by road crews can cause premature rusting or other corrosion. However, aluminum or wooden gates can be ideal for hotter climates, while cast-iron and steel gates are great choices for those areas with colder weather. For more information, contact a fencing company, like Carter Fence Co.