Surprising Things Everyone Needs To Know About Mulch

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Mulch can improve the appearance of landscapes, and you may be like many other people who do not realize that it can offer more than aesthetic appeal. There are two types of mulch, organic and inorganic. The following information is a combination of interesting facts about mulch that everyone should know.  

You can make your own organic mulch.

This can be done by composting old leaves, pieces of tree bark, pecan shells, hay or grass clippings. Keep in mind that if you want the mulch to have a uniform appearance when it is applied to the ground, it may be best to keep these organic materials separated until you are ready to use them. Combining them all in one compost will mean that the mixture of materials is more apparent. You could consider combining the bulk of materials and saving grass or hay separately to spread over the combination.

Misguided placement of mulch can cause more harm than good.

Although it may seem like mulch is simply applied around trees, bushes and flowerbeds, there is more to the application process than spreading mulch for beautification purposes. If it is done incorrectly, it can lead to fungus, decay or rotting of plants and trees. Incorrectly applied mulch can also encourage wood eating rodents to eat wood from trees, which can girdle trees

Old Christmas trees and newspapers can be recycled for mulch purposes.

Harvested trees may be put into a wood chipper to create organic mulch. If you do not have access to a wood chipper, you could salvage the branches and use them as mulch. Another strategy is to contact a local landscaping company to see if they recycle Christmas trees. 

You can use newspaper and mulch to kill weeds. First apply the newspaper over the weeds, and then put the mulch on top of the newspaper. The newspaper will act as a non-toxic weed killer, and it is also biodegradable.  

Inorganic mulch does not offer soil nutrients and may cause soil moisture issues.

Rocks, pebbles and stone are examples of inorganic mulch that can make landscaping appear attractive, but they do not offer nutritional value like organic mulch options. Inorganic mulch may cause plants to need more water, which could pose a problem if there is a drought or water restrictions in your area. 

A residential landscaping company is the best resource to use for additional tips about the proper way to use mulch. Professional landscapers are also the best option for mulching services when individuals do not have time to install their own mulch or fear that they may get the mulching process wrong.