The Types Of Fire Extinguishers To Use

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When fire strikes, it is important to remain calm and act fast at the same time. You also need to know what kind of extinguisher to use for different kinds of fires. Using the wrong extinguisher could do worse than fail to put out the fire: it could cause the fire to become bigger and more dangerous. So pay attention to the types of fire extinguishers to use in different situations:

Firstly, identify what kinds of materials are in your area. Different materials react differently to different chemicals. Materials are grouped by "classes." The classes range from A to F, and each certified extinguisher will contain one or more of these letters or "classes." The following classes list their corresponding materials:

Class A: this refers to solids such as wood or paper.

Class B: this represents flammable liquids like oil or gas.

Class C: this class represents flammable gases like methane, propane, or butane.

Class D: this covers metals like magnesium or aluminum.

Class E: this indicates a fire involving electrical items.

Class F: oil and fat from cooking comprise this category.

In addition to class types, there are various kinds of extinguishers you can use:


Using highly pressurized water, these are fairly cheap and used widely. They are designed for Class A fires and should not be used for other types.


This type of extinguisher smothers the fire with its foam. While more expensive, this type of fire extinguisher is very versatile. It can be used on Class A fires or Class B fires with effectiveness. You should avoid using this on an electric fire, however.

Dry Powder

This is often called a multi-purpose extinguisher. It is effective for fires of Class A, B, and C. It is strongest, however, against liquid fires (Class B). Beware: do not try to extinguish a gas fire with this until you have turned off the gas supply. Also, powder can destroy carpeting, electronics, and furniture. While very effective against certain fires, you should understand the consequences that come with a dry powder extinguisher.

Fire is no joke. When it comes to your safety, you should arm yourself with all of the knowledge you can. What's more, you should know which kind of fire extinguishers are used for different situations. By becoming knowledgeable about the right extinguisher to use, you can have the confidence of being fully prepared for whatever happens.

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