My Air Conditioner Keeps Turning Off And On

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When your air conditioner starts turning itself off and on in short bursts, this can be a sign of something wrong with your air conditioner. While at first it may not be doing any harm, this "short cycling" can quickly wear out expensive parts, and it can also cause your energy bills to be higher because it is running less efficiently. While some causes are minor, they should all be fixed quickly to avoid damaging your air conditioner unit.

Freezing Evaporator Coils

Your evaporator coils are responsible for transferring the hot air from inside your home outside. During this process, moisture is removed from the air, and that moisture collects on the evaporator coils and drips down to drain harmlessly away. However, sometimes the moisture freezes instead of dripping away, and this can cause your air conditioner to shut down. This can happen for a few reasons:

Thermostat Problems

It's sometimes possible for the root of your whole problem to be in your thermostat, which can be good news for your repair budget. There are two main possibilities here:

Wrong-Sized Air Conditioner

If you started having this problem after you purchased a new air conditioner, or if it has been a constant problem in a new home, your air conditioner may simply be designed for a bigger house. Though it cools your house down faster, it results in short cycling (which can quickly wear out the compressor), doesn't remove as much moisture and results in higher energy bills.

To help choose an air conditioner of the right size, you can use a chart that shows you the rough BTU capacity you need for the square footage of your home. To get a rough estimate of the area that needs cooling, multiply the length and width of every room to get its square footage, then add your totals together.

It may seem pricey to replace your air conditioner, but if the one you have keeps short cycling because it's too large, odds are good you would have to replace it soon once the compressor breaks anyway.

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