Not Sure Your Sewer Lines Need Servicing? 2 Reasons You Should Have Them Cleaned

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If your home is connected to a municipal sewer line, the city is responsible for the portion that is located off your property, and you're responsible for the part that's in your yard. That means that if you run into sewer problems on your property, it's your responsibility to get it fixed. There are some common problems that can affect your sewer lines. Here are problems you might encounter with your sewer. 


Trees are an asset to any yard. Unfortunately, they can be a burden to your sewer lines. Trees need water to grow. If they can't find enough water near the surface, they'll send their tap roots looking for a deeper source of water. That's usually how they locate your sewer lines.

Small portions of roots can find their way into the connectors or cracks in your sewer pipes. Once inside, the roots will continue to grow larger until the clog or fracture your pipes. If your toilet is gurgling or all the drains in your home are draining slowly, you may need to have roots removed from your sewer lines.


Your home is connected to the main sewer lines by a system of pipes. These pipes run underneath your home and are connected to every sink, tub and toilet. A clog in one of the smaller branches of your pipes can cause a sink or a toilet to stop working by creating a pressure build up in the sewer lines. When that happens, you're going to hear a significant amount of gurgling in your toilets and drains. You may also notice raw sewage backing up into your bathtubs. If you have a basement, you might notice black water from the sewer lines coming up through the drains. If you're experiencing frequent clogs, you may need to have your sewer line cleaned.  

What to Do

You can relieve the pressure of a clogged sewer line temporarily by opening the sewer cleanout line. It will be a large white pipe with a plastic cover, located along the perimeter of your home. Remove the cap and allow the pressure to escape. You'll need to have your sewer lines cleaned out as soon as possible.

If you're experiencing problems with your sewer lines, you should have them inspected as soon as possible. To prevent clogs, be sure to have your sewer lines cleaned once a year by a sewer service.