What Kind Of Windows Should I Have Installed In My Coastal Home?

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When you're trying to come up with the proper window installation for your home, it can be hard to sort through the various options. There are a number of different window types and add-on options available on the market today. In coastal areas, windows should be built to protect against excessive sun, storms, moisture and other factors. If you're living in a coastal area and considering getting new windows for your home, the following may be the best options for you.

Moisture Resistant Windows

In areas where the air can carry a lot of moisture, and in areas where tropical storms and other wet weather are a threat, it's important for your window frames to have moisture resistant qualities. Wooden windows will absorb moisture over time, especially if they're not properly maintained. Instead of wood windows, consider vinyl. If you have a historic home and would to achieve the look of wood, consider a wood-resin composite material instead.

Low-E Windows

Even if you get a lot of wet weather at your coastal home, you may also experience high-heat and sunny days. Low-E windows are designed to reflect harmful UVA and UVB rays back out into the atmosphere. Low-E windows prevent the interior of your home from becoming hot, while also protecting your upholstery, carpet and wooden floors from fading in the sun.


Many coastal areas live under threat of hurricanes and Nor'easters. These storms are characterized by high winds and coastal flooding. During high wind storms, windows can blow out or be knocked out by flying debris. Impact resistant windows feature a heavy duty frame and shatter resistant glass. They are designed to be strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds.

Sound Dampening

If you live in an area that is popular with tourists and visitors (on the beach), sound dampening windows can help keep out those pesky noises from people who play music or run and laugh near your home.

Security Laminated Window Pane

Beach-side properties often feature desirable, high-end homes. These beautiful houses can become a magnet for burglars and thieves. Special coatings can protect your windows and prevent them from being broken by people with bad intentions.

For more information about the best windows to buy for your coastal area property, speak with an experienced windows installation contractor such as Smith K L Inc today. Get started with a quote and find out more about how new windows can protect your home.