Three Advantages Of A Clay-Tile Roof

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Some people do not put a lot of thought into their roofing choice. They look around at the sea of asphalt-shingle roofs and choose to follow the path blazed by the masses. If you have the gumption to blaze your own path, you can find benefits that you won't get with the default asphalt-shingle roof. For example, if you choose a clay-tile roof, you will get a long-lasting, energy-saving, and great looking roof. 

How Long Do Clay Tiles Last?

When you choose a new roof, you need to look past initial costs and consider repair and replacement costs. Often, roofs that cost less initially will end up costing you more money in terms of replacement and repair costs. To avoid high replacement costs, you should look for a long-lasting roof. Provided that you use quality flashing and underlayment, a clay-tile roof can last a hundred years or more. 

Saving Energy

Clay tiles typically come with an S-shape. The ridges created by this shape create channels that allow heat to escape your roof before it seeps into your house. Clay tiles will absorb and radiate heat just as asphalt shingles will.  On the other hand, whereas asphalt shingles, which lay flat against your roof, will allow heat to seep into your home, the ridges in the clay tiles allow heat to ascend up your roof deck and escape through special vents built into the ridge tiles. Thus, clay tiles will help to keep your home cooler than some other roofing materials. 

Improved Aesthetics

Asphalt shingles are ubiquitous on modern homes. Thus, if you clad your home with shingles, your home will blend into your neighborhood. If you want your home to stand out, you should consider using clay tiles. They have a classic beauty reminiscent of Mediterranean villas. Improving the curb appeal of your home can make it more desirable for buyers, which can help you to garner a return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home. 

As a homeowner, you should take every step you can to improve the value of your home and to decrease operating costs. A careful choice of roofing can help you to avoid replacement costs and to decrease cooling costs. As far as aesthetics go, roofing tiles are the right choice if you are trying to create an adobe, mission, or villa look for your home. Rather than go for the default roofing material—asphalt shingles—you should consider purchasing a premium roofing material such as clay tiles. 

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