2 Subtle Signs That You Need An Air Conditioning Service

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If you have ever experienced the stress and discomfort of waking up on a hot summer morning to find that your air conditioner needs emergency service, you need to learn the little signs that your air conditioner provides when it has a problem. Fortunately, there are several signs to look for and watching for them can prevent the problem from getting worse. 

When Your BillBut Not Your UsageDramatically Increases

The truth of the matter is that if you have been in your home for at least a year, you know what the bills were at the same time last year. Unless the situation has changed or the home has become larger, your bills will probably be about what they were then. When you see a big change, you should first contact the electric company and verify that there is not an error in the system that could have created the difference.

After that, it is time to call in an air conditioner specialist. When the system is working too hard, it is often to compensate for some aspect of the unit that no longer functions properly. By fixing that problem as early as possible, the problem can usually be resolved for a lower cost and without the emergency situation that everyone dreads during steamy summer days.

If There Seems To Be More Water Than Usual Leaking From The Unit

It is important to understand that when air conditioners cool air, it will always create some condensation. It is helpful to know where the water is coming from, as leaks from the filter or ducts are usually a sign of impending trouble or existing damage. A clogged drain or inadequate drainage contribute to leaks and are common problems that cause expensive situations.

Specifically, that may be a sign of ice that is forming within the unit itself. It is often related to leaks within the air conditioner and when ice is allowed to build up too much, it could render the air conditioner completely useless. 

In conclusion, since everyone wants a comfortable home and avoiding expensive repairs is a common goal, you need to know what is and is not normal for your air conditioner. Obviously, you should consult with experts if you suspect a problem and before your first use of the air conditioner each year you should always allow a trusted HVAC specialist (such as one from C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning) to examine the unit. It is typically easier to prevent a problem than it is to make it go away and air conditioners are important to almost everyone in modern society today.