Tree Trimming Questions You May Be Wondering

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Keeping your yard and home looking great requires several important forms of maintenance. In particular, trimming tree branches is a common task that must be done by almost every homeowner. However, if you are a first-time homeowner, you may not have had to trim tree branches before. By learning the answers to two common tree trimming questions, you can strengthen your knowledge of this basic homeowner responsibility.

Do You Have To Let The Utility Company Trim The Trees Around Power Lines?

One of the most common reasons for trimming a tree is to ensure that its branches do not damage power lines. In most cases, the local power company will be more than willing to trim these trees without any cost to you. Unfortunately, there is a chance that these professionals may remove more than you want from the tree, and this can permanently change the way that your yard looks. 

Luckily, it is almost always possible for you to hire your own contractor to trim trees away from the power lines, and this will drastically increase your control over the entire process. While this will be more expensive than letting the power company handle this work, it may ultimately save you from having the trees in your yard excessively trimmed. 

Are The Reasons Other Than Safety For Trimming Trees?

Safety concerns are usually among the top reasons for trimming tree branches. These branches can fall from the tree during severe storms, and this poses a grave risk to anything under them. However, safety is not the only reason for trimming tree branches. 

If you are an avid gardener, it may be necessary to trim these branches to ensure that your garden does not have excessive shade. Also, low hanging branches can pose problems for cars if they are near your driveway, and removing them can prevent scratching your car's paint job. 

In addition to these reasons, there may also be health reasons for trimming these branches. It is possible for trees to develop infections or insect problems that can eventually kill them. By removing damaged or infected branches before the problem spreads, you can help save your tree from an early death.

If you think that the trees on your property could use some trimming, consider hiring a reputable tree care specialist in your area, such as Done-Rite Tree Company Inc. They can help keep your property beautiful and safe through making sure your trees are properly trimmed.