Four Simple Projects You Can Do Around Your Home With Cedar Lumber Materials

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If you are a person that likes to do DIY woodworking projects, cedar is a great material to work with. It is not only a wood that has interesting red hues, but it also has a distinct aroma that is pleasing. There are also a lot of things that can be done with cedar inside and outside of your home. If you want to try some projects with cedar lumber, here are four simple projects that you may want to try:

1. Wood chest With Cedar Lumber

There are many ways that you can build a simple wooden chest, and many different materials you can use. Cedar is a great material because of its resistance to moisture and insects. It also has a nice smell to it, which will keep things in a chest from having an old smell. You can make the chest by starting with a square frame of 2x2 of any lumber of your choice. Cover the frame on the sides and bottom with cedar planks of siding. To make the cedar fit tightly and prevent gaps, you can make a simple joint by using a router to remove material on one edge of the boards. You can do the same to make the top of the chest and add the hardware such as a hinge and locking latch if you want.

2. Barn Style Sliding Doors To Add Space

If you are tight for space in your home, barn style doors can be a great solution to remove swinging doors. They can also look great with cedar lumber and a red stain and sealant added to them. The red cedar barn style doors will give your home a unique rustic look. You can ask a cedar lumber supplier if they have cedar faced plywood. You can use this and 1x4 to make a door that looks like a barn door, and add pocket door hardware to hang the door.

3. Cedar Wood Paneling For Rustic Walls

If you want to continue a rustic look in your home, you can panel your walls with cedar lumber, which can be good for a parlor or home office. You will just need to rout the edges of standard width boards, so that they have an L-joint that will cover up gaps as the wood expands and contracts. Nail the boards tightly to the wall with a brad gun, and be sure to nail the top and bottom. Once you have finished with a length of wall, add trim to complete the paneling.

4. Simple Cedar Window Planter Boxes For The Garden

Planters are another simple project that you can do with cedar lumber. These can be used for the plants you have inside and outside of your home. You can use standard size cedar decking or siding materials. Cut two pieces the width of the boards for the ends, and three pieces you want the length of your planters. Make a three-sided box with the five pieces you have cut and you have a window planter.  To make the planter a little more unique, you can cut a slight angle on the end pieces.

These are some projects that you may want to try with cedar. If you need materials for your woodworking projects, contact a supplier of cedar lumber (such as Rocky Mountain Forest Products) to get the materials you need for your next project.