Custom Glass: For More Than Just Windows

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Windows that are sized outside of the standard height and width require homeowners to order custom glass to fill the spaces, and custom glass dealers are just the people to call when this scenario occurs. Custom glass, however, isn't limited to filling oddly-shaped or oddly-sized windows. In fact, glass can be customized for a variety of home improvement ideas and craft projects.

Home Decor

Custom glass plays an important role in the framing process. If you have a special photograph, limited edition art print, or another priceless memento, having it framed is a good way to put it on display in a prominent place in your home. Having the item framed, however, might require ordering a made-to-fit frame, as well as a custom piece of glass to fill the frame.

Replacing a glass-topped table or glass insert on a china cabinet or other piece of furniture are other reasons why you might order a custom piece of glass. Many glass dealers make customized glass sinks or counter tops, as well.

Functional Glass

You might also order custom glass if you want to build an enclosure around certain areas of your home, such as a fireplace or shower. The glass would be made to fit the exact area where you need it. Glass shelves also serve a functional purpose and can be ordered in any length and width that you need. If you have collectibles, such as football helmets or china dolls, you can order custom made glass cases to display them in.

Stained and Art-Type Glass

Many custom glass designers offer stained glass window services for your home or business. There are numerous options when it comes to stained glass, and when you order a custom piece, you can also select your preferred design and colors. Stained glass art, such as wall art, is also available through many custom glass dealers. Frosted glass, glass cubes, and beveled clear glass windows or accents in any number of styles are also available custom made.


Ordering a mirror in a certain shape, or to fit a specific spot in your home, is also possible with a custom glass dealer. Most glass dealers also specialize in placing frosted designs on custom-made mirrors, creating mirrors that have an antique look, or making elegant beveled edge mirrors. You can also order your mirror in a specific color, as many glass dealers offer their products in a range of hues to complement your decor.

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