Broken Water Main? Make Sure Your Water Is Safe To Drink

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Whenever you hear that there is a broken water main in your area, you might think that you need to boil your water or buy bottled water until the issue is fixed. While these are great options, you can use the water right from the tap sooner by adding a calcium hypochlorite solution. You won't have to wait for the water to cool down after boiling or buy a few cases of bottled water. This guide demonstrates how to purify your drinking water in just a few simple steps, and the benefits of doing so.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Ask the plumbing supply store associate for some calcium hypochlorite powder (pool shock). Additionally, grab a few pitchers or clean gallon jugs.

Step 2: Make Calcium Hypochlorite Solution

Add a heaping ½ teaspoon of the powder to one gallon of water. Allow the calcium hypochlorite to dissolve to create homemade liquid bleach.

Step 3: Add to Drinking Water

A little of this mixture goes a long way. Purify your water by the gallon by adding about eight teaspoons of the mix to one gallon of water.

Step 4: Aerate the Water

Pour the water from one clean jug to another to get rid of the chlorine smell. Keep transferring the water back and forth to aerate it well. Once the water's aroma is to your liking, it is safe for you and your family to drink.

Benefits of Calcium Hypochlorite

There are other ways to purify your drinking water from the tap but they take time, whereas adding calcium hypochlorite allows you to drink the water in just a few minutes.

Benefit 1: Your water is completely pure. Using calcium hypochlorite will rid water of contaminates from pipes that might be vulnerable to bacteria from the water main break and any chemicals, heavy metals, and salts.

Benefit 2: There are no additives in calcium hypochlorite. Many store-bought bleaches contain phosphates, soaps, or other added scents. The water also needs to sit for at least one hour before you or your family can drink it.

Boiling water requires the water to sit for a while until it is cool enough to drink. Additionally, this method only rids the water of bacteria. The water will still contain chemicals, salts, and metals.

Call the plumbing supply store if you have any problems with these steps. Remember that a little goes a long way and to mix the right amount of calcium hypochlorite per amount of water you need. Drink the water you're using right away and throw out any that is more than a week or so old to prevent staleness. For help selecting your water purifier of choice, talk to professional like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company.