Four Systems You May Need For A Rural Home With Few Available Utilities

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Have found a beautiful home in the country? One of the problems you may have with this, is there may be fewer services available for your home. You may need to have things like septic tanks, wells or even generators and solar energy. Here are four systems that you will want for a rural home where utility services do not reach you:

1. Water Well And Pump For Water Service

One of your most essential needs in a rural home is water service. You will want to have a water well drilled to provide your home with water. It is also important to have a well pump and filtration system for your well. You may want to have a solar powered water well pump with a battery backup for when solar power is not available. To reduce the need for power for your pump, you can also use a storage tank that is higher than the plumbing in your home to provide your home with water pressure. Contact a well service, such as Country Well & Pump Inc, to help you set up and maintain your well.

2. Electricity With Solar, Wind And Backup Generators

Electricity is also important in a rural area, but if the electrical service does not reach you, you will need alternatives. You will probably not be able to power your home with solar or wind energy alone, which is why you will want to combine the different systems. You will also want to have a backup source of power such as a diesel generator that is large enough to power your home when you do not have solar or wind power to charge battery banks.

3. Septic System For Waste Treatment 

You will also need to have a septic system to process waste from your home. There are a lot of things to consider when you have a rural home with a septic tank and a well. You will want to have the septic system a safe distance away from the well. You may also want to separate the grey water from the system, which is the water from things like showers and appliances. This water can be used for things like watering a garden, and this will reduce the amount of water in a septic system from these sources.

4. Satellite And Cellular Services For Phone And Internet

Any modern home will need to have a phone, and you may also want to have Internet. For Internet, you can use a cellular service if a signal reaches you. In other rural areas that are too far from cellular networks, you can use satellite for TV, phone and Internet services. For emergency communications in really remote areas, you may also want to have two-way radios to have a way to contact the outside world in case of an emergency.

These are some of the things you will want to consider when the utility companies do not reach your home. You can contact well pump company to get the equipment you will need for your well, and other contractors to set up some of these other systems for you.