3 Reasons Your Home Needs Water Purification

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Water is something that everyone needs. You need it to drink, cook, and bathe—and you need it to be as clean and pure as possible in order to do all of these things. In some cases, you can tell when your water needs to be purified, but, for the most part, the dangers that lurk in your water are invisible to the naked eye. Here are three reasons your home needs some type of water purification system, such as from Water-Pro.

1. Lead.

It goes without saying that lead in your drinking water is bad. Unfortunately, sometimes the water gets contaminated with lead after it comes into contact with pipes. For the most part, your city will likely have their water supply tested for contaminants, including lead, and will let residents know if lead has been found.

However, it can be a good idea to have your own water tested for lead, as the lead can actually come from your home's plumbing. If there is any amount of lead present in your water, having a water purification filter installed can filter the lead out of the water so that it is safe to drink. You just need to be sure that the filter is certified by NSF International as one that removes lead.

2. Fluoride.

In some areas, fluoride is added to the water supply in order to help with the dental health of the residents. Of course, in recent years, this practice has been controversial because of several reasons, including the fact that children are being overexposed to the mineral.

If your water supply has fluoride in it and you don't like that, it can be filtered out with a water purification system. You need to have a special activated alumina defluoridation filter in order to get the fluoride out of the water—unless you have a reverse osmosis water purification system for your home. Keep in mind that you only need to be concerned about doing this if you know that fluoride is added to your drinking water. 

3. Chlorine.

Chlorine is added to most city water supplies in order to kill any bacteria and microorganisms that are present in it. Unfortunately, some people are very sensitive to the chlorine in drinking water. You can have a water purification system installed to filter out all of the chlorine and make the water more pleasant to drink. 

Water purification removing chlorine from the water can also help with bathing. The reason is that the chlorine can cause skin problems for some people over time. Once the water is purified, you will likely notice your skin feels a lot better after you take a shower or bath since you won't have that harsh chemical in the water anymore.