Select The Right Sink For Your Bathroom Remodel

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Paint chips, tiles, shower enclosures – a lot goes into your bathroom remodel. The sink you select is another important consideration. Choose a sink that best fits your new bathroom design.

Narrow Countertop

If you have a long bathroom, you're probably having a long, narrow countertop installed over your vanity. After all, you have the space, right? Well, a built-in sink might not be enough to break up the continuity of this countertop. Instead, consider a rectangular vessel sink. It takes up a permanent placement on your narrow countertop, giving a visual break. Echo the shape in the mirror and even in a nearby decoration, such as a picture frame.

Guest Bath

Guest bathrooms are typically small by design. They also don't require dedicating a lot of space to storage. As such, choose a visually interesting piece such as a pedestal sink. Better Homes and Gardens suggests letting the shape of the sink influence the rest of the décor. For example, echo the shape of the basin itself in tile work, lighting and flooring. Just before guests arrive, place a graceful blossom in a bud vase to emphasize the delicateness of the sink's design.

Roomy Bathroom

If you've got a bathroom with lots of open space, take it up with a weighty sink. Consider placing a double-wide trough sink atop a natural wood vanity. Not only does the wide sink take up visual space, it's very practical for every wash job. Such an ensemble gives your bathroom a farmhouse appeal.

Asian Inspiration

The clean lines of Asian décor are very popular when it comes time to renovate. If that's your theme, look for a bronze vessel sink, especially one with a smooth form. Have the sink placed atop a teak vanity. Add angular fixtures in oiled bronze to echo the look of bamboo.

Beach Chic

Nothing says calm like a beach scene, right? Induce this calm in your bathroom by remodeling with all natural materials such as bamboo, wood, pebble and granite. Add to this a seeded glass vessel sink in ocean blue. Seeded glass looks like sea glass and emphasizes the feel of flowing water.

Vintage Finds

In these green times, it's all about upcycling, or converting an item for another use. If you want to add vintage charm to your bathroom, consider transforming a chest of drawers into a double sink. Paint it a color that matches the rest of your décor, and have two drop-in sinks added. Place the chest of drawers against one wall under an estate-sale mirror – or one that looks antique, anyway.

As you plan your bathroom remodel, pay extra attention to your sink. Choose a sink that not only matches your new décor, but actually enhances the design. For more tips, contact a company like Desert Earth and Wood, LLC.