4 Ways To Save Money On Heating Oil This Winter

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Don't be left out in the cold this winter. You may be worried about heating oil prices and the total cost this winter. You could take steps to ensure that your total heating bill is not enormous. There are ways to save money on heating oil without going through some kind of complex formula. Here are four tips that will save you money on heating oil this winter.

Become a Draft Dodger

Seal and block drafty areas in your home. If you have drafts, that is, air seeping out of your home this translates to heated air also seeping out of the home. It is a huge energy waster. Try to detect and then address drafts in your home when you feel them. For example, you may want to put a draft blocker at the bottom of each of your doors. In addition, you could also plug any noticeable leaks or apply caulk to any drafty areas.

Turn Down the Dial on Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is set to a very high temperature, it means that you will need more heating oil to heat your home. Therefore, if you turn down the dial to your thermostat you will save money on heating oil. If you feel cold in your home, put on a sweater or socks.

Perform an Energy Audit of Your Home

An energy audit will gauge if there are areas where you could potentially save money on heating oil. With an energy audit, you will be able to detect energy inefficiencies in your home and then remedy them. Contact a professional HVAC contractor to assist you with the energy audit. You can try to do a pre-energy audit on your own before the professionals arrive. In this way, when the professional arrive for the energy audit, they will have a list of areas to inspect further. All you have to do is a walk-through of your home to check the effectiveness of insulation and other things such as drafts and leaks.

Close Any Unused Vents

Make sure that all of your vents are clean and closed. If they are dirty, they can soak up energy in your home leading to higher heating oil costs. Additionally, close all these vents because heated air could escape through them leading to higher heating oil bills.

Saving money on heating oil is not difficult. There are many ways including these four tips that you could use to save money on your heating oil costs this winter. Contact an HVAC contractor, such as Pride Mechanical Heating and AC, for additional tips and assistance with these tips.